Multi Snack Pack


Multi Snack Pack

Multi Snack Pack

Sowan’s Cashew and Almond Multi Snack Pack allows you to enjoy our nuts on the go. Perfect for keeping in your car or popping in to a lunchbox, these are a great way to keep cravings at bay with each pack containing less than 100 calories. 

Typical Values per 15g (Almonds / Cashews)

Energy - 380kJ/92kcal     /     356kJ/86kcal                                                                                    

Fat - 8.4g     /     7.2g                                                      

of which saturates - 0.7g     /     1.4g                        

Carbohydrate - 1.0g     /     2.7g            

of which sugars - 0.6g     /     0.7g                                             

Fibre - 1.1g     /     0.5g                                                  

Protein - 3.2g     /     2.6g                                                             

Salt - <0.01g     /     <0.01g      

Sowan’s Trek Mix is the perfect blend of fruit, nuts and seeds. As each snack pack is a source of fibre AND a..

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