Honest to goodness healthy food

It's very simple! We produce decent healthy food that tastes good and contains the same kind of simple ingredients used by generations of Irish bakers before us, and no artificial anything.

"I see my mother's hands moving the flour in the bowl when I bake bread. Often, that's reason enough to turn on the oven. I see her deft light movements, her intent face. I close my eyes and I am ten years old in the sweetness of her fragrant kitchen. I see the sun playing on the wire holding the hot cakes. I taste the tenderness of home."

Wholesome Simplicity

Gem Pack Foods is a family business that acquired Sowan’s in 2012. At Sowan’s we are committed to producing ‘Quality Products’. 

Our Sowan's range brings together the best ingredients in our unique wholegrain mixes to make very tasty bread.

Traditional, natural and wholesome, our bread mixes are for people who love the taste and smell of bread straight from the oven, but are often too busy to make it. Made with wholegrain flours, flakes and seeds, our mixes have no added improvers or bulking agents. The goodness of the bread you bake with Sowan’s comes from honest, natural ingredients.

We don’t believe in complicating things. We believe in letting the goodness of simple ingredients speak for themselves. 

  • Traditional product in convenient form.
  • Can be made with milk, or soya milk for a dairy-free alternative.
  • No artificial chemicals or flour improvers.
  • No artificial colour, flavours, preservatives or additives.
  • No bulking agents.
  • Provides fresh bread at your convenience.
  • One packet makes one 2lb loaf.
  • Makes naturally healthy and very tasty bread.

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