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Tea Brack

Tea Brack

Tea-brack is a sort of cross between cake and bread and is traditionally eaten at Halloween. Although this type of fruit cake has a long shelf life, it's far to tasty to last very long!

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1. Place the cake Fruit Mix, sugar and tea in a bowl. Mix well, cover and leave overnight.

2. Grease and line 8” round tin or 2lb loaf tin.

3. Add the egg and melted margarine to the mixture.

4. Add the flour, spice and bread soda. Mix well.

5. Pre-heat oven to Gas Mark 4, 350 oF or 180 oC. Place in tin and bake for approximately one and a half hours.

6. Cool in tin.


  1. 1lb/450g of Gem Cake Fruit Mix
  2. 6oz/175g of Gem Demerara Sugar
  3. 8 fl. Oz./13 Tablespoons of Cold Tea
  4. 1 egg beaten
  5. 1oz/25g margarine melted
  6. Sieve together 9oz/250g of Gem Plain Four, 1 teaspoon of mixed spice and half a teaspoon of Gem Bread Soda.