Glucose is a simple sugar that is an important source of energy. Glucose powder can be used to boost and maintain energy levels. It can also be used cakes, pastries, ice-cream and other products that require sweetening agents.

Available Sizes: 453g

Typical Values per 100g:

Energy - 1534kJ/364kcal

Fat - 0g

of which saturates - 0g

Carbohydrate - 90.9g

of which sugars - 90.9g

Fibre - 0g

Protein - 0g

Salt - 0g

Use to thicken soups, stews casseroles and similar dishes. Also add when baking to create lighter cakes and puddings...

Use for baking, household cleaning and first aid. Also useful for household deodorising – sprinkle into bins or..

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